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 Singing and Songwriting 

Helping enthusiastic singers and aspiring songwriters find their unique, authentic voice through enhanced awareness of technique, confidence and artistry.





Specialisation  in voice and songwriting  - contemporary voice, actors, performers, musical theatre and teachers. International reach through virtual lessons.

  • Look after your voice with healthy vocal production

  • Ignite, or reignite your spark in singing, songwriting, performing and music

  • Have fun, build confidence, increase your technical skills and engage in learning at the same time

  • Enjoy your very own access to helpful tools, materials and resources



Scott Sagar is a self-taught musician and a big fan of Neil Young's music! He's worked on both vocals and songwriting with Karyn. Check out his YouTube channel with more original songs here:

Testimonial - Beka
Testimonial Flynn
Karyn Judging
Testimonial 'Wendy Mosch'
Testimonial Karen
Testimonial 'Jessica'
Testimonial 'Anon'

Find your true, authentic voice

Develop in songwriting

Connect with music and artistry

Red Curtain Feature 

Introducing 12 year old Flynn, who loves musical theatre! She's been doing great work with vocal experimentation lately and will look forward to a summer break pretty soon. 

This is a song from a favourite musical of hers, Hamilton.

Meet Karyn, International Vocal and Songwriting Coach.

Hi, I'm Karyn.

I'm a creative at heart, meaning I enjoy everything creative! I love to share my passion for voice, songwriting and music with others and support their unique journey. My virtual studio enables me to reach far and wide to work with singers and songwriters internationally. I mostly work with people in USA, UK, and New Zealand, also stretching as far as Croatia and Cayman Islands.


I specialise in contemporary voice and songwriting with adults and train internationally. Mindset is hugely important in these fields, so you can expect an emphasis there if you're working with me. Fear is a common limiting factor, so I've trained in NLP to support my clients/students at next level.


I enjoy playing the ukulele and singing in a local group which keeps me connected in the community. I also like playing some guitar and piano, but singing was always a huge passion of mine. I sung in school choirs and performed solo's from a young age at primary school. I started writing songs as an adult, the first one I remember writing was around 2010.


I'm known for helping students grow in confidence, advocating for their voice (including healthy production) and guiding their increase in skill and technique. I'm passionate about helping people find their true, authentic and unique voice, both internally and externally, whether vocally, in their songwriting, or both!

Interested in starting or developing as a songwriter? I'd love for you to join my free Facebook Group. Just click below... I'll see you there!


Karyn gained recognition from a national songwriting competition, judged international singing competitions and has written/reviewed for a national music magazine. In addition, she's written (and co-written), performed, recorded,  produced and published her own music.


  • Bachelor of Media Arts Music (Hons); Specialisation - Singer Songwriter


  • Diploma in Performing Arts

  • Bachelor of Business in Marketing with media


  • Multiple voice models - international and ongoing training

  • Berklee: Ear/Aural Training, Music Production, Music Theory

  • Auckland Performing Arts Centre: Musical Theatre and Singing

  • New Zealand Voiceover Academy

  • Multiple private training forms, eg vocals, piano, guitar, ukulele, music theory, songwriting and artistry




"Even though I haven't been learning with Karyn for very long, I am always blown away by how kind and supportive she is. She's incredibly passionate about singing, which makes her an awesome teacher with a wealth of knowledge! I've loved learning about different vocal exercises, which have been super useful for practising - she's helped me discover what I'm capable of. Plus, because it's online, I can fit my lessons in with everything else. You can't get better than that".

Beka Hunt, Canterbury

"Karyn has helped me a lot to improve my singing. She's really kind and supportive too. She has helped me to improve my range by using different techniques. Thank you Karyn for being such a great teacher". 

Flynn Hamrick, USA, age 12

"You have helped me grow my confidence to make my dream come true, to connect with my Mum through singing".

Karyn Ngatai, Gisborne

"Karyn was one of the best music teachers my daughter ever had. My daughter initially had little confidence in herself and her beautiful voice but Karyn's experience, positivity, support and beautiful nature absolutely brought the best out of my daughter. This support resulted in a young lady who now sings with confidence, performs and even professionally recorded some of her own songs. Thanks Karyn for being such an important and positive influence on Nikki's life."

Wendy Mosch, Tuakau

"This was a wonderful class. Miss Karyn was very patient with my shy child. She adapted well to my daughter's singing level, and successfully brought my daughter out of her shell."

Anon, USA

"Miss Karyn is a wonderful teacher. Very patient. Scaffolds well. Engaging."

Anon, USA

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