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Hi, I'm Karyn.

I'm a creative at heart, meaning I enjoy everything creative! I love to share my passion for voice, writing and music with others and support their unique journey. 


Specialising in contemporary voice and training internationally, I also like playing the ukulele along with a few other instruments. My vocal work is influenced by the Estill Voice Model, and I have also previously trained in Speech Level Singing.


I'm known for helping students grow in confidence, advocating for their voice (including healthy production), supporting increased skill levels and enhanced technique.


I'm passionate about helping people find their true, authentic and unique voice, both internally and externally, whether vocally or in their songwriting.


We have many subconscious barriers that can set us back from fulfilling our potential, both in life and as performers or artists. This is why I often incorporate transformation mindset coaching. I support my students to tackle these barriers.


Postgraduate: Bachelor of Media Arts Music (Hons); Specialisation - Singer Songwriter

Undergraduate: Diploma in Performing Arts, Bachelor of Business in Marketing with Media

Multiple voice models: International training

Berklee: Ear/Aural Training, Music Production, Music Theory

Auckland Performing Arts Centre: Musical Theatre

SAE: Music Production


Training and Education

  • Postgraduate: Bachelor of Media Arts Music (Hons) - Specialisation: Singer Songwriter

  • Diploma in Performing Arts

  • Speech Level Singing

  • Ongoing Estill Voice Training & Development

  • Voiceover

  • Ear Training/Aural Skills

  • Music Theory

  • Musical Theatre

  • Music Production / Electronic Music Production

  • Bachelor of Business (Marketing, Media Studies)

Teaching Experience

  • Voice/Vocals/Singing

  • Ukulele

  • Piano - beginner to intermediate

  • Guitar - beginner to intermediate

  • Music theory

  • Coaching for Mindset, Creativity, Performance and Confidence

  • Adults, Children, Adolescents and Teachers

  • Visting Schools

  • Guest Instruction

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